The Baba House is a joyful, inspiring, funny, warm series for pre-schoolers. It’s also completely unique. By using motion capture and authentic child voices it comes as close as possible to creating a cast of characters that walk, talk and interact just like real children. So for the first time the youngest children can have a “reality show” of their very own!

The Babas are five endearingly different pre-schoolers whose animal playsuits reflect their personalities: confident, shy, mischievous, fussy and caring, giving every child a soulmate - someone to identify with in a world that intimately reflects their everyday lives.

                                                   Let’s meet The Babas!

Second youngest, Baba Bun is a bit of a fusspot.  He likes things to be just so and definitely doesn’t like to get dirty.  He can sometimes be a bit anxious, but Baba Bear,  is always there to reassure. 

Oh, Baba Monkey - Baba Mischief might be more appropriate!  Monkey is that child who just has to be first, just has to be noticed and just has to know what is going on.  With her inquisitiveness and mischievous streak she is into everything. 

Roly-poly cuddly, warm and affectionate, Baba Bear is the first to give hugs and reassurance when there is an upset.  He looks out for the younger ones, especially anxious Baba Bun.

Every family has a “youngest” and Baba Mousie is the baby of our family. Just like any youngest child he tends to get fussed over and babied a little. In his light grey playsuit with its big Mousie ears, he is hugely endearing  - a character children of all ages will take to their hearts.

The  Concept

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Baba Tig is the eldest and definitely in charge! With the confidence of experience she is the the Baba to whom the others look for advice and to settle disputes, although she can sometimes be a little bit bossy!
Meet the Babas!
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